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Rubber Band
Rubber Bands Standard  
Rubber Bands Standard Quality in india, haryana exporter, gurgaon, delhi ncr, latex rubber bands, • Available in crepe, red or green colors
• Excellent count per pound.
• High tensile strength.
• Mid-range rubber content.
• Good for industrial applications.
Green Colour Rubber Bands  
Green Colour Rubber Bands, superior quality rubber bands, gurgaon, india, delhi ncr, haryana
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Soft stretch for easy application.
  • A wide range of available sizes.
  • Best for custom-designed applications.
  • Long life...great for reuse.
  • Available in synthetic.
Singal Colour Rubber Bands  
Singal Colour Rubber Band, Gurgaon,haryana, Delhi NCR

Rubber Bands in natural and assorted colours.
Rubber Bands to manufacturers of Automotive, Electrical, Packaging, Surgical, Paint Industry, Hotel & Restaurant.

Premium Rubber Bands  
Premium Rubber Bands in gurgaon, hrayana, delhi ncr • High count per pound.
• Excellent tensile strength.
• Soft stretch for easy application.
• A wide range of available sizes.
• Best for custom-designed applications.
• Long life...great for reuse.
• Available in synthetic.
Latex Natural Bands  
Latex Natural Band gurgaon, haryana, delhi ncr Big range of size in colour Rubber Band in 100% Latex Rubber Material. Rubber band is in various sizes such as 0.5 Inch, 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch and 6 Inch.
Pallet Rubber Bands  
Pallet Rubber Bands gurgaon, haryana, india, delhi ncr These heavy duty industrial size and strength bands are designed to stabilize most any size load.  Pallet bands are also excellent for securing pallet covers.
56 x 3/4 32 x 40 TO 36 x 36
72 x 3/4 32 x 40 TO 36 x 36
84 x 3/4 36 x 42 TO 36 x 48
88 x 3/4 36 x 48 TO 40 x 48
92 x 3/4 40 x 48 TO 48 x 48
112 x 3/4 48 x 60 TO 48 x 48
Pik India Rubber Bands are assigned a "size number" that corresponds to length, width and thickness dimensions as defined in the diagram (left).
Drum Rubber Band Liners  
Drum Rubber Band Liners gurgaon, haryana, delhi ncr Bands for securing trash can liners: Large bands for securing trash bags/liners to 55 gallon drums or other containers are among our top-selling products. It's a simple idea, but these bands save a lot of time and mess by preventing the bag from blowing away or collapsing down into the can. Typically these bands can be reused several times before having to be replaced.

Printed Bands 

Printed rubber band, gurgaon, delhi ncr, india

Printed bands are very popular.  Here are some of the more common applications:
• advertising novelty items/premiums
• "identifiers" in the food service industry or for flowers/produce 
• wrist bands for special events or identification
• business and financial
• entertainment, holidays and special occasions
• healthcare

Conductive and Antistatic Bands 

Conductive and antistatic bands gurgaon, delhi ncr  Conductive and antistatic bands are appropriate for applications involving electronic components assembly/repair, clean room procedures and other operations where electrical conduction is an issue.  Contact Lee Rubber Products with your requirements.

High temperature and UV light tolerant Bands 

Rubber band that will be exposed to direct sunlight or higher than normal temperatures, then special-application bands are available to "take the heat."  Lee Rubber Products' high temp and UV formulations allow us to provide bands perfect for outdoor applications as well as inside projects like drying flowers. 
Miscellaneous Bands   
Sometimes what is a rubber band might not even seem like a rubber band.  In armbands, sleeves, (1) shower caps, respirator masks, (2) eye protection devices, sweat pants, (3) glove cuffs, disposable medical items and many other articles.

Pik India manufactures Rubber bands and pvc band of standard and premium quality in different single colour like green, red, black, blue in latex natural band to be used in pallets, drums. The other rubber bands application is to be used in conductive and antistatic application. Rubber bands are resistance to temperature and ultraviolet rays, oils, chemical, abrasion, heat, weather. There are other so many applications for rubber bands like printed rubber band, wrist band. In spite of above rubber band we can manufacture and supply other bands and as per customer requirement.